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My Musings...

A blog about all the things I think about... most of them would probably be amusing to most people.

Tiger Lily Update

October 03, 2010

I know it's later than I said I was going to post, but life has been CRAZY the last few weeks.  I'm in the home stretch on Tiger Lily.  She's actually a girl now!

I'm in the middle of working on her wings and then I need to do the curlycues and some of the exterior beads and she'll be done!  She's been a lot of fun to work on and she already has a place on the living room wall waiting for her.  I have Bluebeard's Princess by Mirabilia on deck after Tiger Lily.  Should be fun!

Q-Snap Covers and Tiger Lily...

September 08, 2010

Well, after spending a couple of hours playing with my sewing machine and a couple of fat quarters, I was able to construct two covers for my Q-Snaps.  These are great for a couple of reasons.  First, when we touch our linen as we're stitching, the oils and any gunk on our hands can transfer to the linen.  These smudges aren't usually noticable until you take the finished piece off of the Q-Snap frame.  I noticed the marks on some of my JABC Teapots.  I figure if I'm going to spend the money on nice fabrics and fibers, I don't want to sabotage the project from the get-go just by holding it.  Secondly, they keeps the Q-Snap frames themselves from getting dirty.  So here is my 11" x 11" Q-snap with its cover over it.



Also, these are great for gathering the excess fabric that is sticking out of the frame.  You can just tuck it into the cover.

My current project is a Nora Corbett design from her Pixie Couture Collection.  It is called Tiger Lily and I'm stitching her on Storm, a 28 count Permin linen by Crossed Wing Fabrics.  She's going to look a little bit like this when she's finished:


So far, I think I'm about two-thirds of the way done with her skirt and I'm beading as I go.  Here is what she looks like so far:














This second picture is Tiger Lily with her Q-Snap cover on.  Hoping to finish her dress this week.  I'll post another picture when I finish her dress.

Yay! Another Finished Project!

August 29, 2010

Puff is finished!

Now, how to finish him?  Framing?  Pillow?  hmm...

Puff Progresses

August 16, 2010

I started Puff the Dragon on July 21st.  So far, I think he's progressing pretty well.  I had hoped to spend more time with him last week, but I'm still pleased with my progress.  This is where he is right now:

All I have left is his chest, front leg, and head.  I'm really, really hoping to finish this week because I have a new project waiting.  I'm one of those people who can't have multiple projects going at once, or else nothing will get finished...

A Little Idea Comes to Fruition...

August 03, 2010

So, a few days ago, I though it would be fun to turn an Altoids tin into a little kit for my scissors, needles, needle threaders and what not.  I currently keep my stuff in a little change purse, but my thread picker keeps poking through.  I though an Altoids tin would be the perfect size.  Turns out I was wrong.  It was just a tiny bit too small for my scissors and the hinges made covering it with fabric difficult.  So when I saw a little 4 1/2 by 3 inch tin at my local craft store, I thought that would be the solution to my problem.  I stitched a little Eeyore design by Janlyn as the decoration for the top and then used a variety of ribbons, fabric, and trims to decorate the tin. 

I padded a couple of pieces of card board (cut to the dimensions of the lid and inside of the box) with quilt batting and covered them with my stitched Eeyore and an accent fabric.

After gluing these on, I trimmed the edges with the ribbon and trims.  I finished the whole thing off by sticking two business card magnets in the lid to keep my needles handy.  All in all, I really like how it came out.  I'm including a couple of pictures here, but will have more detailed pictures in the finished pieces gallery.


My Latest Creation...

July 26, 2010

This is the project I'm currently working on:

I've named him Puff because he's purple like Puff the Magic Dragon.  The pattern is one of the Signet Series of dragons by Fire Wing Designs.  As you can see, I totally changed up the colors. 

The last dragon I did was red and I wanted to do a royal purple.  Not to mention, the fabric I'm stitching on (Da Vinci Crystal Belfast Linen by Picture This Plus) is one I've been dying to do a project on.  The threads are Fine Wine # 10382 by ThreadWorx and a #026 Blending Filament by Kreinik.  I wish the pictures did justice to the fabric and threads which are pretty and sparkly.  I'm hoping to post pics of my progress weekly.  I'm off to see if I can finish his tail tonight! :)

Finished Cross Stitch Projects!!!

July 25, 2010

Finally figured out how to make an album of finished pieces.  As I finish more, or take pictures of pieces I gave away, I will update gallery.

Finished Cross Stitch Projects!!!

July 25, 2010

Finally figured out how to add these pictures to this page.  This is an album of some of my finished projects.  As I finish one project, or I'm able to add new pictures of previous projects, I will hopefully be able to update it.


July 21, 2010

I haven't written in months.  School has been killing me.  But I'm hoping to get back to this soon...

Unlucky in mowers...

March 21, 2010

My lawn mower does not work.  This wouldn't be such an issue if my grass wasn't 5 feet high.  The Husband and I have tried maybe ten different ways to get it working and now realize that won't work until we get it serviced.  So we borrowed a lawn mower from a friend.  And we can't get it started.  The friend promised it started right up yesterday, but it ain't working today.  I think I'm going to pull my hair out if I don't get a working lawn mower sometime in the next week or two.  I got out there, pulled and poisoned all the weeds, and now I can mow the grass itself.  Frustrating.  I really want to get out there with stakes and string and map out where I'm going to put my garden.  I also need to get outside and pull up my entire front flowerbed.  It has been taken over by an ugly plant called Wandering Jew.    This plant has spread all over the flower bed, choking my rose bush, and starting to run out into the yard.  I'm afraid I may have to take out the rose bush too, but I'm going to put some perennials in the bed and hope for the best.  Right now, my little seedings are starting to sprout!  Yay!  It's been cold the last couple of days so I had to bring them in and find a spot for them in the laundry room.  Hopefully tomorrow or Tuesday I can take them outside into the sun for a few hours.  They need to be kept at a temperature of around 70-75 degrees and it's supposed to be about that the next couple of days.  The only thing not sprouting are my herbs.  I'm almost worried that they froze overnight in the garage and if they don't sprout in the next week, I'm going to start some new ones inside.  I'm actually having a lot of fun with this garden thing.  I worry about over verses under watering, greenhousing domes, and plant food.  And working out in the yard has become quite a workout.  Who knows?  Maybe I'll garden my way into a new wardrobe...